About Lela

Lela Konecny has lived in the West her whole life. She grew up in northern Idaho, and it’s there that she began her career in the timber industry. Lela still works in the industry at Saratoga Forest Management in Carbon County as a quality control manager. The life lessons the

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Your Voice

Economic Diversity

Across the country and around the world, folks are experiencing one of the most devastating and uncertain economic times we have seen in almost a century. As COVID 19 takes its toll on families, businesses, and communities, it is essential to remember that the US economy and the Wyoming economy, in particular, were built on costly economic practices that made

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In 2020 it has become even more clear that business, as usual, is not the way forward in education. For decades we have tied teachers and parents hands with one-size-fits-all approaches to education that unfairly limit our student’s abilities to thrive! The cost of our education system has not only made it nearly impossible for the state legislature to budget

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The Role of Government

All government has a habit of passing mountains of laws when they are not really needed. Even the Wyoming State Legislature passed over 500 bills in 2019 alone. All these bills just add on to the ballooning size of government and the control it has over everyone’s life. Politicians and lobbyists all know that it is easy to pass new

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