Economic Diversity

Across the country and around the world, folks are experiencing one of the most devastating and uncertain economic times we have seen in almost a century. As COVID 19 takes its toll on families, businesses, and communities, it is essential to remember that the US economy and the Wyoming economy, in particular, were built on costly economic practices that made us dependent on boom and bust cycles and unstable bubbles. Our teachers, our snowplows, our police officers are all experiencing uncertainty as Wyoming leaders have refused to reduce burdensome regulation that would diversify Wyoming’s economy.

Innovation in agriculture, the advent of new cash crops, tourism, busting up government mandated meat processing monopolies, we need leaders who are not afraid to aggressively break down barriers to let innovators and entrepreneurs make Wyoming home. We need to challenge federal monopolies that make Wyoming dependent on a few industries. We must use the technology available to accurately assess the PILT on our land and pursue years of back payments from federal bureaucracies that have shortchanged us for years.

It is time that Wyomingites can stay in our great state and raise families without the constant cloud of economic uncertainty. Together we can emerge from this crisis a more prosperous, freer, and united.