In 2020 it has become even more clear that business, as usual, is not the way forward in education. For decades we have tied teachers and parents hands with one-size-fits-all approaches to education that unfairly limit our student’s abilities to thrive! The cost of our education system has not only made it nearly impossible for the state legislature to budget in a way that rewards good teachers, but it has also mortgaged the future of the very children the system is designed to educate.

What the crisis in 2020 has made clear is that our education system is not flexible and fails to adapt to changing situations. Parents have found countless resources through crowdsourced materials and new technologies that have made it possible to provide quality education between their navigation of an economy crippled by closures.

Going forward we must tirelessly advocate for constant innovation in education, more choice for parents who are not satisfied with a system that is not designed for their children, and an adaptive approach that fits the unique challenges that Wyoming faces. We must find a way to make education more affordable while not sacrificing good teachers and that will include more remote classes, more interactive learning communities, and less brick and mortar facilities that are heavy on administrative and maintenance costs.

It is critical that Wyoming leaders understand that Wyoming is home to Wyoming challenges. Children should be at the center of every education policy.