The Role of Government

All government has a habit of passing mountains of laws when they are not really needed. Even the Wyoming State Legislature passed over 500 bills in 2019 alone. All these bills just add on to the ballooning size of government and the control it has over everyone’s life. Politicians and lobbyists all know that it is easy to pass new laws, but almost impossible to repeal them later. This is why we must combat this habit of over legislation with a 2 pronged approach.

The first thing we must do is stop passing new legislation just to fix small, one time issues. This type of impulse governing more often than not makes daily activities harder for the average person and just creates unnecessary red tape for businesses and people to navigate. New laws should be rooted in facts, statistics, and strong discussion. Once we put an end to passing laws on a whim, we can secondly begin our second, and most difficult step of beginning to repeal all the outdated and nonsense laws currently on the books to begin to give citizens the maximum freedom they deserve.