Lela Konecny has lived in the West her whole life. She grew up in northern Idaho, and it’s there that she began her career in the timber industry. Lela still works in the industry at Saratoga Forest Management in Carbon County as a quality control manager. The life lessons the timber industry has taught her over the years has given her a unique perspective on the issues our district faces, such as land management and burdensome government regulation.

Seven years ago, Lela and her family moved to Wyoming in search of a vibrant community,  strong values, and beautiful surroundings, and she found all three in Saratoga. When she first arrived, she wasn’t expecting the amount of friendliness that everyone in the town showered on her and her family. One of the first local friends she ever made here was Teense Willford and his wife Sandy, who helped put her in touch with many local groups around town. Since then, she has been an active member of a number of our local organizations that she regularly volunteers with. She tries to set the best example possible for her children, and this is just one of the ways where she leads by example.

In her life, she has seen too many people be elected into public office and, once elected, simply stop working for the public. Becoming frustrated with putting her trust in people with her vote and seeing no results, she decided it was time to do something herself. Lela will be an active representative that will bring visible change to the district, and wants to be an example to everyone around her of what true leaders should be.